Projects To Complete Before Snow Flies (it will fly!!)

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I started making a list of things to do before the snow flies and I thought I would share it with you…  Please feel free to add anything you wish in the comments.

  1. Tune the furnace and replace filters.
  2. Clean fireplace and chimney.
  3. Roof repairs that you have been putting off (like me).
  4. Clean all the pine needles and leaves out of the gutters
  5. Check heat tape.
  6. Turn off sprinkler system.
  7. Put hoses away (the snowblower loves to eat them).
  8. Close the underhouse vents (after I get the squirrel out).
  9. Winterize the lawn and garden.
  10. Prepare for snow removal.  Ideally hire someone for this but at the very least have fresh gas for the snowblower and shovels handy.
  11. Plan for the holiday light decorations (I try to put them up before it snows).

Hope this list helps you get thinking about all you need to do before we strap on the skis and boards (or chains).

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2 thoughts on “Projects To Complete Before Snow Flies (it will fly!!)”

  1. Well, I got through about half of the list today.. Possibly some snow tonight. At least I found the shovel the kids have been playing with in the back yard all summer.

  2. Erin Robbins

    Thanks for the great post. These reminders of things we need to take care of are helpful as it’s easy to forget when we get busy with other things! It also makes me look forward to some wintry weather a trip back up to the Sierra Nevada mountains!

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