Bijou Community School

Bijou Community School in South Lake Tahoe is very unique.  Bijou has the only 2 way immersion language program at the elementary level in South Tahoe.  Both of my kids attend this program.  They are learning to speak, read, and write in Spanish.  My son is in second grade and is fluent in 2 languages.  My daughter is in Kinder and is already forming sentences in Spanish.  A truly amazing program.  If you ever get a chance to observe the program in action please do.

Bijou has recently started after-school clubs for their students.  Clubs such as bike club (soon to be cross country ski club), dance club, book making club, cooking club, and many others are available for students to try.  The clubs are lead by volunteers, both parent and school employees.  These clubs give students and parents an alternative to regular daycare or babysitting for a couple of hours a week.  The kids love it.  My kids enjoy the bike club and book making club.  Tomorrow we are riding through the meadow area near the campus (hopefully not in the snow).

Bijou Community School an outstanding school with outstanding staff , parents, and most of all outstanding students… At Bijou the emphasis is on COMMUNITY.

2 thoughts on “Bijou Community School”

  1. William Brodhurst

    Our kids are in an immersion program in the bay area and we want to move to Tahoe. Its good to know that there is a program there also. Is it only spanish or do they have chinese also?

  2. Joel Dameral


    At this time the only 2 way immersion programs in the Tahoe area are Spanish-English. One program is in King Beach on North Shore which is what our program is modeled after at Bijou.

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