With the current low interest rates now may be the time to downsize form your current home.  The positives could include money savings in the areas of energy costs, homeowners insurance, taxes, and maintenance.  Lifestyle changes include such things as less time on building maintenance and cleaning.

     The hardest part of the move will probably be deciding (or agreeing) what “stuff” to part with, and how to do it.  We had a garage sale over the Labor Day weekend that was very successful.

     One should also consult their tax adviser to find out about the tax consequences of downsizing.

2 thoughts on “Downsizing???”

  1. Sharon Kreel


    Do you think the interest rates will go lower this winter and it is better to sell before it snows, or wait for spring.


  2. Joel Dameral


    I feel that rates are at historic lows, the economy seems to be slowly moving in the correct direction, and people are starting to buy houses again. With all these factors taken into consideration I doubt that the interest rates will go any lower this winter.

    To answer the second part of your question. I feel from an agents standpoint that it is easier to sell a house before the snow flies so the prospective buyer can see the whole propery uncovered (no surprises). With that being said we do sell houses all year long…Good luck.

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