Local School Bond Passes (Measure G)

The November 4th election was historic both nationally and locally. We as a community passed a local $64.5 million school bond with a 59.42% approval (55% was the minimum necessary to pass this bond).

Of the $64.5 million, 70% will be used for new construction, replacement of portables, and for expansion of programs such as the Two Way Immersion that require new facilities to continue. The remainder along with the matching funds from the Career Technical Education grants will provide new facilities to help our local students keep pace with kids from other districts in the state.

The big question is how much will this bond cost each homeowner. Being a tax assessment the amount of $28.70 per $100,000 of assessed (not appraised) value will be added to your tax bill. If your home is assessed at $275,000, your tax bill will increase by $78.93 from Measure G.

We have all seen our home values decline fairly dramatically in the last 18 months. It is possible to have your property reassessed by contacting the El Dorado County Assessors Office. You can call the Assessors local office at (530) 573-3422, or by Internet at http://co.el-dorado.ca.us/assessor/prop8form.asp for the pages containing the necessary forms to complete for reassessment.

Hopefully this bond with its school improvements will help to enhance our already great community.

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