Community Lighting Ceremony

On Friday December 5th many people from our community got together in the middle of town at the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center for the annual Christmas tree and Menorah lighting ceremony. The place was packed with families. Santa arrived in one of the Borges 2 horse open sleighs and was immediately surrounded by a mass of excited kids and parents.

While some lined up to talk to Santa, others lined up for a sleigh ride. There was free hot chocolate, cookies, song, and a fire pit. The only thing that could of made it better would be about 3 feet of fresh powder.

The art league had exhibits open and an original cabin from the early 1930’s was decorated for the period.

I love being part of a community that has activities like this for our families. It was fun for my kids to play with friends and see their teachers at this social event. If you have other ideas for community events let me know so I can pass the suggestions on the powers.